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About Us

We are a team of engineers dedicated to pioneer student-only services starting from selling second hand books to dormitory “usables”, from book rentals to class notes; with an aim of being available in smallest of schools to the largest of universities of the nation. Bookfount since its inception in November of 2015 has processed more than 6000 orders only in NIT Rourkela generating good revenues and a promising future which motivated us to pursue a career in the already crowded ecommerce business.

But this motivation couldn’t have only arisen from the yearn for money. We are a group of people that strongly believe that books can create a conscious world and that the process of learning should be as serene as possible. So here we are, trying to get books delivered at the doorsteps of NIT Rourkela, asking people to rent books and inspiring them to read more and more every day.

Bookfount is a website of company HasRem Internet Services Private Limited which is under incubation of FTBI (Foundation for Technology and Business Incubation), NIT Rourkela.