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Bookfount Inductions

Bookfount is an NITR based eCommerce startup dedicated to pioneer student-only services including online book rentals and book exchange, second hand books, dormitory “usables”, class notes etc; with an aim of being available in the smallest of schools to the largest of universities of the nation.

We let student entrepreneur teams handle its entire operation in a particular city. We are expanding Bookfount to other cities of the nation starting from Rourkela. Come join us and become a part of this wonderful venture.

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Bookfount Notes Drive Sign-up Program

Bookfount Notes Drive is initiative to help the needy with up-to-date class notes right before exams. We collect lecture notes of selected students from all courses in NITR, compile and print, and deliver ASAP when ordered from our website. Selected students get a royalty for every note that gets sold.

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